We produce concrete goods, with an emphasis on wood, concrete, which systematically implement in life.


We create the future in harmony with nature

The first such company in Poland

Edom is a company engaged in many areas, although initially the scope of work was to be small. Is a company with many years of experience gained on the European market, operating in Poland since 2007.

Certainly ask why buy from us?

The answer is simple.

Doing hundreds of projects and executing countless renovations met the needs of both customers and ills wykonawców.Nie we are here to exchange or use names of specific producers whose regardless of the size of the company we could with a clear conscience and discourage indicate to steer clear of a wide berth. We suggest, however, when shopping retain greater peace of mind and suggest only the image (and the most common color), but however, and the quality of the product - you can make any randomly selected goods. Detailed guidance on the purchase are in the advice.

Arranging interiors of both stone facade and all the imitations of stone and brick, no matter of which they are made, very often, quite commonly, we had to deal with the goods of poor quality or made in a way that prevented the correct and consistent with art the execution of construction works. Generally no angle plates causes hundreds of cracks on the walls or obkładanych elements and the principal begins to scratch his head and wonder if this is really how it was supposed to look like. Translation, that the fault of the material is considered to be a common excuse. We, in turn, the contractors it was hard to explain, and despite many efforts, and often several times laying and fitting "dry" is not getting an intended effect.

And as imitations of stone and brick with plaster, you can easily "repair", so cast stone and brick, concrete and similar materials, unfortunately, longer require the use of grinders. Both of the these methods generate so much effort that the price arrangement is inadequate for the work done, which should take place several times faster and with pleasure, and it becomes a chore.

To have unique patterns are useless designers and artists. The greatest inspiration is nature itself, which hides their gifts in old houses under the plaster, and you only need to see and clean up. Therefore, their forms produce themselves to be unique and robust. We decided to take care of the production of imitation stone, brick, wood, both for home and garden on their own.

Starting from the production of wood concrete biggest problem was the appropriate choice of dyes to achieve the perfect color scheme of the old natural wood tired tooth of time. It was not easy, but after a few years of experience and many attempts have brought the production process for such quality that today we can be proud of themselves. Although this production is entirely manual, we have achieved enough good products that we guarantee shopping and money back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction. In our headquarters you can see a version of demontracyjne products - do not wait, this is the moment! Welcome!

Today, once the technological process allows the production of durable and resistant, we can focus on new solutions for new designs and manufactured products to share with you directly, bypassing intermediaries and thus offering an excellent product at a minimal cost. Getting to know your needs in the course of work, we know that a lot of people today want to have something, "his" unique, both front and inside. This forced us to create your own forms from the best quality materials available on the market. As the only company in Poland we make any design according to customer demand and only for him with exclusive rights. We can also one pattern, whether of stone or brick offer in so many different colors that will be hard to say that it is the same product. Today, everyone wants to stand out and we enable it. Producing concrete board with pieńkami pots and imitation wood give new insights into the alleys, paths, garden compositions, terraces, and even stairs. We can faithfully reflect the element that, if for any scratching that had to check whether it is wood or concrete is getting penny, maybe today is our company would be one of the best-paid in Poland.

Because we know that the "Pole can", we took the decision of going forward and help those who would like to start cooperation in the production of their products.

We would like to offer products for use in your own home and garden, but also to share the knowledge that we already posiedliśmy.

We invite you to cooperate with contractors, repair companies, trading companies and design offices.

As the only company in Poland to offer you a satisfaction guarantee!


The guarantee of impeccable quality at the lowest price

Gypsum Gypsum


Gypsum molding and ceramic in bags of 1 kg to 25 kg

Pigments Pigments


The pigments in different colors - packs of 2 kg

Concrete boards Concrete boards

Concrete boards

Concrete board available in several sizes and colors

Concrete stumps Concrete stumps

Concrete stumps

Dyed so that even after many years of look the same

Wall decorative stone plaster Wall decorative stone plaster

Wall decorative stone plaster

Stones, Stone-tiles, bricks and panels 3d

Decorative panels 3D Decorative panels 3D

Decorative panels 3D

Thanks to create unique arrangements.

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Aranżacje Formy: cegła z fugą Deski betonowe Výrobky z našich partnerů: truhlářské Formy: tirane Wnętrza

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Brawo profesjonalne podejście do indywidualnego klienta .......... oby tak dalej zamówienie zrealizowane szybciej niż był ustalony termin dostarczenia towaru

Krzysztof Strządała - 17-07-2016

No kurcze raz ze naprawde nie miałem ochoty dwa to przeszla mi przez glowe mysl aby poczuc sie jak "gosc" i patrzec jak ktos dla mnie pracuje. Po za tym zawsze mialem wpajane ze jak cos jest do wszystkiego to jest do niczego. I co ? I musze przyznac ze to co mnie spotkalo to milei to naprawde mile zaskoczenie z profesjonalnego podejscia do sprawy Teraz juz wiem ze nie byla to ostatnia wizyta tego serwisu u mnie w domu

Paweł Krzos - 29-05-2015

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